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We Are The Fire Risk
Assessment Specialists.

Fire Safety Compliance

User Friendly Reports with Clear Recommendations

We understand that ensuring fire safety of your premises and the people within them is paramount. Our dedicated team of experts have a vast understanding of the fire safety industry with decades worth of risk assessment experience, providing comprehensive and tailored fire risk assessment services across the whole UK.

Each of our Fire Risk Assessments takes into account each property’s unique characteristics, industry regulations, and fire safety guidelines. We go beyond the checklist, delivering user-friendly reports that not only identify potential risks but also provide clear, actionable recommendations.

Our Process

Book with Us

Have one of our team walk you through exactly what is needed on site

Quality Control

Before submitting, the report is checked by a second professional for verification

Arrange a Site Visit

Book a convenient time for us to come and visit your premises to complete survey

Report Submitted

A user friendly, detailed report is sent to you along with any actionable guidance

Meet our Expert

A full site risk assessment is completed so a detailed report can be complied

On-going Support

We can then help you through any issues picked up on the report and arrange remedials

UK Fire Consultants Services

Tailored fire risk assessment services covering anywhere in the UK

Fire Risk Assessment

Site specific user-friendly detailed reports, providing you with clear actionable guidance.

Fire Safety Action Plans

Over the years we have established contacts within the industry that can offer specialist services and give further guidance in rectifying issues

Specific Fire Safety Queries

Sometimes a specific issue doesn’t warrant a full FRA. This service offers a specific response to a individual issue. 

fire doors inspections logo

Fire Door Inspections

Make sure your most important fire stopping tool is inspected and maintained. Our Fire Door inspections come with a detailed report making sure doors meet all current regulations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to transform a potentially overwhelming process into a reassuring experience, ensuring that our clients not only meet compliance but also have complete peace of mind regarding their fire safety measures.

Tom Lewis MIFSM

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