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Fire Door Inspections

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Fire Door Inspections Anywhere in the UK

Our comprehensive fire door inspections service, makes sure that one of the most critical components of any building’s fire protection system are fully up to standard.

Properly functioning fire doors can prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing occupants with crucial time to evacuate safely. However, over time, wear and tear, improper maintenance, or modifications can compromise the integrity of fire doors, rendering them ineffective in an emergency.

Compliance Assurance

Enhanced Safety

Peace of Mind

Our team of certified fire door inspectors are trained to meticulously assess every aspect of your fire doors, from the hinges to the seals, ensuring they meet regulatory requirements and are fully operational in the event of a fire emergency.

UKFC Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspections Checklist

Material Condition

We evaluate the general condition of door materials to ensure they meet fire resistance standards.

Signage and Markings

Assessment of signage and markings for compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring clear identification of fire doors

Door Hardware

Inspection of hinges, latches, closers, and other hardware to confirm proper functionality and alignment.

Overall Compliance

Comprehensive review to ensure compliance with relevant standards, including British Standards (BS) and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Seals and Gaps

Examination of intumescent seals and gaps around the door perimeter to verify adequate smoke and fire containment.

Our goal is to transform a potentially overwhelming process into a reassuring experience, ensuring that our clients not only meet compliance but also have complete peace of mind regarding their fire safety measures.

Tom Lewis MIFSM

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