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Fire Risk Assessment

The FRA Experts

Delivering Fire Risk Assessments that are as unique as your premises

At UK Fire Consultants, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fire safety, which is why we always take a site-specific approach with our fire risk assessments.

Our user-friendly reports are designed to provide you with clear, actionable guidance. We don’t just highlight issues; we relate them back to the relevant guidelines and regulations, ensuring that you have the correct information at your fingertips.

Assessments with detailed survey reports and recommendations

UK wide coverage

User friendly reports which breakdown issues into manageable action points

We ensure that all our fire risk assessments are validated by a second professional to ensure nothing is missed.

Let UK Fire Consultants be your trusted fire safety partner. We’ll handle the complexities of assessment, leaving you with the confidence that your site is safe and compliant.

Fire Risk Assessment

The Five Steps of a Fire risk assessment

Identify the Fire Hazards

First step is identify all potential fire hazards within a given premises

Record, Plan, and Train

Detailed documentation ensures that all aspects of the assessment are accounted serving as a reference for the future

Identify the Persons at Risk

Assess and identify individuals who may be at risk in the event of a fire.


Regularly revisiting and reassessing the identified risks, measures, and plans is imperative to ensure their continued effectiveness

Evaluate, Remove and Reduce Risks

Analysis of the identified risks and the implementation of measures to mitigate

Our goal is to transform a potentially overwhelming process into a reassuring experience, ensuring that our clients not only meet compliance but also have complete peace of mind regarding their fire safety measures.

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